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"I have had the opportunity to know Sharyn Fein for the past 5 years. As a mental health physician specializing in geriatric care, I was a presenter at the first Compassion Fatigue Symposium™ in 2012. It was there that I witnessed firsthand, Sharyn’s compassion and masterful skills in rallying members of the health care community in support of professional and personal caregivers. Our shared interest in supporting this demographic has resulted in collaboration on several occasions. I cannot think of an individual better suited to spearhead the burgeoning challenge of providing tangible support to caregivers of individuals with dementia."

Dr. David Crumpacker, M.D.

Adult and Geriatric Psychiatry Plano, Texas

“Under the direction of founder Sharyn Fein, Ed-U-CARE Dallas has moved to the national forefront as the go-to organization for compassion fatigue awareness and cultural humility training for caregivers. Through their programs and annual Compassion Fatigue Symposium, Ed-U-CARE reaches out to help heal the caregivers who work in the trenches to provide quality, compassionate care to the marginalized members of our society. There is no better work being accomplished. Anywhere.”

Patricia Smith - Founder, Compassion Fatigue Awareness Project

It is important to recognize that healing is a collaborative, necessary action. It requires visionary leaders to remind us “healing” is a scared calling and is important work. Healers also need healing.


Sharyn Fein is a visionary and a leader. Her vision and creation, Ed-U-CARE and the Compassion Fatigue Symposium is creating change in the world of healing. I was lucky to be invited as a speaker at the 2016 Compassion Fatigue Symposium, experiencing first hand the power of giving time and attention to healing the healers, the caregivers who give their life force and consciousness to help heal those in need. These are our angels, the Florence Nightingales of our time.


The etymology of the word "healing" comes from the word "whole." Sharyn’s vision is a whole, holistic vision inclusive of caregivers, hospitals, families, nurses, doctors, social workers, psychologists, and all people who work to make life and people feel better in the process of living and dying.


Knowledge is power and power is only power when you understand what you have and when you know how to use and direct the power you have. Healing is power. Love is power. Compassion is power. There is great power in knowing you can support those in the healing community with your time, money, and energy. Strong leadership guided by wisdom and knowledge that is embodied and guided from the heart and love is the way! This is Sharyn’s way and her vision of healing. Healing and caring for those who heal is how we will grow and transform the world of healing as a profession of love and compassion without compromising the lives and well being of those who do the work of caring and curing. Every opportunity we find to come to an agreement and to an understanding of the healing process for self and others will help everyone not only survive, but thrive. Join Sharyn and make a difference.

Debbie Rosas, Founder, Nia Technique, Inc. Changing People’s Bodies and Lives Since 1976

"Ed-U-CARE™'s Sharyn Fein has been blessed with a deep concern for people. We have worked together for several years in events designed to bring encouragement and support for care givers reaching out to make life more fulfilling. She has an energy and enthusiasm that challenges many. Her contributions to our Senior Adult program at First United Methodist Church Richardson is making a difference to many."

Fred Trevino, Pastor for Senior Adult Ministry,

First United Methodist Church Richardson. Richardson, TX

"Ed-U-CARE™'s Sharyn Fein has made many important contributions to the healthcare industry. One that particularly stands out is her Compassion Fatigue Symposium™ project. These events address the needs of caregivers whether they are professionals, friends or family in a stressful time of caring for someone else. It is through these educational symposia that she has broadened the awareness of Compassion Fatigue and highlighted the steps to cope with it. Sharyn's work with the LGBT communities and the provision of education for health care workers has worked to alleviate fears and apprehensions shared by both groups. This work has been inspirational in encouraging LGBT elders to seek needed assistance with their health care needs. Sharyn’s unique talents in organizing an event from the very beginning to their resounding success upon completion is proof of the care and understanding upon which she approaches her projects. She is always open and willing to learn new things and ideas. After all, what is education but a path of discovery to new ideas?"

Bonnie Resnick-Destruel, Family Care Services, Inc.

"Feeling compassion fatigue is a very real issue and Sharyn (Educare) has dedicated so much time and effort into making this a subject known and understood in the Dallas area.

I have 3 very young children and I always leave the conference feeling like I have more strength and more tools to tackle the everyday grind. I also offer this to my clients, they are usually primary caregivers of an aging loved one. They have told me how wonderful and needed this topic is for them.

I have also attended the LGBT conference and it was outstanding. I was amazed to see the reactions from everyone that attended. It is very impactful and has opened my mind and heart even more to such a wonderful yet underserved group of the aging population. Thank you so much for all your dedication and passion on these issues - you are truly making a difference!"

Nichole Nguyen, Elite Senior Solutions

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