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Happy New Year Greetings

Colleagues and Friends,

The New Year is upon us and I am reflecting back on 2018 with gratitude and great joy. Ed-U-CARE, Inc. will begin its 5th year in April and it’s hard to believe how far we have come. It takes an amazing village to create success and I am proud to say our village consists of our great Executive Board, our Directors, and many great community supporters to make this happen.

2018 brought many opportunities to present on the topics we are most qualified for: Compassion Fatigue and Cultural Competency. Our efforts have grown with the creation of a second Compassion Fatigue Symposium in Ft. Worth and we are looking forward to another in Tarrant County October of 2019. We may even have another new Compassion Fatigue Symposium opportunity, but, shhhhh, it’s a surprise!

On April 12, 2019 we will host our 8th Compassion Fatigue Symposium with yet another great line-up to educate and share modalities to mitigate the effects of living with Compassion Fatigue.

My prayer is for all of you to have continued health and wellness in the New Year. Please remember to put your oxygen mask on first so you can support those in need. If we have helped you learn anything, we hope it’s to practice self-compassionate care at all times.

Ed-U-CARE, Inc. is a resource for senior support in the Metroplex. My phone is always waiting for your call – don’t ever hesitate. If we can’t help you, we’ll connect you to someone who can.

I would like to share this quote for the New Year:

Be gentle with that tender heart of yours. It may be holding a years worth of grief inside it. Be caring with all those parts of you that feel life’s tender moments, childhood pains and unmet emotions. Take yourself out into the gathering light and breathe a bright ember into the very centre of you, into your hearts red soft middle, holding yourself in love and warmth. Wake your heart slowly, allowing it all to be felt, allowing yourself to create space in which to rest and to breathe. Let the coming light light up your bones and remind you of the gold that is held deep within you.

•poem by Brigit Anna McNeill


Sharyn FeinExecutive Director Ed-U-CARE, Inc.

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