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Fun Ways to Spring into Action

By Emily Denton, Administrator

I have the type of job where I always feel happier after coming in to work, and I’m aware how rare a job like that is. I love when I’m asked what EDUCARE does and I get to explain compassion fatigue. I’ve seen so many people’s eyes light up with recognition of something they didn’t know officially existed. “I have that!” they say, and they’re relieved to know they’re not alone. The energy at Compassion Fatigue Symposium was this times 1000, and I can’t wait to do it all again in Fort Worth in October.

My job gives me energy. There’s no shortage here of events and stories that inspire me. I’m lucky and grateful to have a role that helps to heal others but also provides healing itself. At Compassion Fatigue Symposium we saw crystal bowl meditation, Feldenkrais method, the healing power of humor, and more. There are a few other things I’ve been enjoying in my time outside of work, and I’d like to share them with you:

Yoga With Adriene

This YouTube channel isn’t new, and neither is its place in my life. I’ve often shared my love of Adriene with others, calling her the best yoga teacher on YouTube (to which some people reply, “There’s yoga on YouTube?”). In fact, I’d guess that much of our EDUCARE community is already familiar with Yoga With Adriene. Her videos are perfect to try out at home, in your pajamas, when you can quit at any time (like I often do). But I especially wanted to share this recent video, Yoga To Feel Your Best. It’s a chill practice that did indeed leave me feeling my best.

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

I love kids’ cartoons. But this one is legitimately good, I promise. Season 2 of the new She-Ra just came out on Netflix, and if you (or your children) haven’t checked it out yet, I really think you should. The characters are diverse, realistic, and relatable. They also represent the EDUCARE mission very well, with plenty of emphasis on self-kindness and healing, building bridges between communities, reaching across the age spectrum, and LGBT+ representation. It’s a cute show, but it really is a good one, too.

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power on Netflix

Insight Timer App

Again, Insight Timer is nothing new, and many of you may already be using this. But there are so many meditation apps out there, it’s hard to search through them all to find the best one. I really think Insight Timer is it. There are meditations of every length and on every topic. It’s a seemingly endless amount of free content. And for anyone who’s never gotten the hang of meditation, I think their guided meditations are perfect. Just close your eyes and listen – no way to mess up.

Insight Timer App

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