Keynote Speaker

Tara Rynders, MFA, BSN, BA, RN-BC

Join nurse, dancer, and creative caregiver Tara Rynders, MFA, BSN, BA, RN-BC as she guides you through an interactive, multimedia experience of the art and science of caring for others and yourself. As a truth-teller and disrupter, Rynders embraces vulnerability, confession, grief and failure as means to end burnout and racism at the bedside, which acutely impacts those we care for. Drawing from her experience creating theatrical performances in hospital settings and intimate arts and play-based workshops for nurses, Rynders harnesses her passion for nursing and the arts to collectively honor our shared humanity by creating a culture of caregiving nested in curiosity, creativity, and joy. This presentation is an immersive invitation to care for oneself through truth-telling, self-compassion, creative expression, and ultimately, the freedom to celebrate pleasure.


  • Social Work (Texas Only)

  • Nursing (All States except California and Iowa)

  • LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor (National)

  • CSA (Certified Senior Advisors) (National)

  • ACM (American Case Management Association (National)

  • CCM (Commission for Case Management Certification (National)

  • LCDC (Chemical Dependency Counselor) (National)

  • Certificate of Completion


Staff Development and Training

Growth is a continual process, and it is never too late to start learning. EDUCARE has multiple training programs designed to meet the needs of organizations seeking to become more resilient or culturally competent.

Our goal is to have compassionate, culturally competent caregivers. 

All training programs are designed to fit the specific needs for your organization and staff. They are available in 1 - 4 hour modules. CEU's are available.

Resilience Training

We believe that the cost of caring shouldn't hurt. This training covers the following topics, it is aimed to teach you healing modalities to incorporate in your daily life. 

  • Compassion Fatigue

  • Compassion Fatigue vs. Burn-out vs Secondary PTSD

  • Self-Care: The Path to Healing

  • Interactive Resources

  • Creating a Self-Care and Resiliency Action Plan

  • Path to Compassion Satisfaction

Cultural Competency Training

This training sheds light on the unique issues and discrimination that many older LGBTQ+ Americans experience, as well as proactive changes staff can make to improve the lives of those they care for.  This training covers the following topics:

  • Language related to the LGBTQ+ community.

  • Discuss the myths and misinformation about people who are LGBTQ+ and their resiliencies.

  • Examine how historical discrimination has created barriers to access of aging, healthcare and social services for LGBTQ+ older adults

  • Discuss the importance of compassionate strategies to help LGBTQ+ older adults feel welcome and respected by all staff.


Specialized Topics:

  • LGBTQ+ Older Adults and Advanced Care Planning - End of Life Health Care Decision-making

  • LGBTQ+ Older Adults and Dementia

  • LGBTQ+ Older Adults and Caregiving

  • LGBTQ+ Older Adults and HIV/AIDS

  • Developing best practices and tools for working with LGBTQ+ older adults

  • Meeting the Needs of Our Older Adults? An Educational Program for LGBTQ+ Service Providers

  • LGBTQ+ Older Adults – Standards of Care – Ethical, Legal, and Professional Responsibilities


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