Compassion Fatigue 

Virtual Symposium

Intensive Care: Holding Fatigue, Grief, and Joy Through the Arts

April 23rd, 2021  | 6 CEUs (3 Ethics)

As we approach the 10th anniversary of the Compassion Fatigue Symposium, it is clear that EDUCARE’s mission to nourish the life of caregivers has never been more profoundly relevant. We firmly believe that this important event is a call to action for all of us to support the front-line workers and family caregivers who continue to be deeply affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. We bear witness to unprecedented levels of burnout of professional caregivers as they struggle to cope with long hours and short staff, amidst a pandemic with an uncertain future.


Tara Rynders, MFA, BSN, BA, RN-BC

Tara Rynders, MFA, BSN, BA, RN-BC will guide the audience through an interactive, multimedia experience of the art and science of caring for others and yourself. As a truth-teller and disrupter, Rynders embraces vulnerability, confession, grief and failure as means to end burnout and racism at the bedside, which acutely impacts those we care for. Drawing from her experience creating theatrical performances in hospital settings and intimate arts and play-based workshops for nurses, Rynders harnesses her passion for nursing and the arts to collectively honor our shared humanity by creating a culture of caregiving nested in curiosity, creativity, and joy. 




Sponsors will receive emails, contact information and analytics of all attendees. We created incentives to drive traffic into your vendor page (similar to a vendor booth, but virtual) to increase engagement between the attendees and you, our sponsors! This increased exposure of you business, contact information and website generates leads that are limited in an in-person event. 


The Scholarship Level of sponsorship allows you to provide this training to your staff! The content of this symposium provides the resilience training that your staff needs now. By sponsoring at this level, you are able to invite your staff to an interactive, multimedia experience of the art and science of caregiving, and get 6 CEUs, including 3 Ethics units. You can incorporate this program in your existing resilience trainings, allowing your staff to explore different techniques to avoid burn-out, as its clear the old-school methods are not working.  


Attendees of this event can take the course at their own pace by taking advantage of our recorded sessions. We understand that it is difficult for people to take an entire day off, so we've adapted our event to cater to busy individuals. Attendees can join the live session, then return and view pre-recorded material and visit the vendor hall, where your business will be featured for one full year. 


The CLINIC and EDUCARE can help any organization build resiliency trainings and self-care programs for their staff throughout the year, to provide a healthier and more compassionate environment for the team to thrive. The Clinic's nurse-led research counts toward your Journey to Magnet Excellence, recognizing your organization as a high quality, innovative workplace for nurses. 


Susan Williams, AARP 

The Compassion Fatigue Symposium is a great event packed with so much knowledge and great speakers, it offers a unique balance between academic knowledge and healing for the souls of burned-out caregivers. 

In its 10th year, the Symposium has grown embrace the virtual environment in an easy-to-use and professional format. I hope everyone has the chance to share in the experience.

Susan Rogers, MSG, 2020 Sponsor

We have been honored to sponsor EDUCARES's Compassion Fatigue Symposium over the past few years.  Supporting the virtual Symposium gives us an opportunity to connect with and show appreciation for colleagues in helping professions.  The knowledge, experiences, and connections we gain during the Compassion Fatigue Symposium have long-reaching benefits throughout the year.

Lynda Ender, Retired AGE Director

I have done a LOT of caregiving. I think I am good at it, but I am not always good at taking care of myself while being a caregiver.

I get good support and some ideas from the Compassion Fatigue Symposiums. 

However, my favorite speakers are those who relieve my stress through laughter.

I loved Elaine Sanchez and her stories about her Mother.

Tri Truong, Prism Health North Texas

We’re proud to continue to support and sponsor an amazing organization and event!


EDUCARE’s Compassion Fatigue Symposium is great space for peers and partner organizations to connect and learn more skills to better care for our community.



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